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Mathematics and Computer Education

1990 Volume 24, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Card Shuffling--A Micro Computer Approach

    P Glaister

    Provides a BASIC program to compute the number of shuffles required for packs containing even numbers of cards up to 100. Lists 4 further questions on the shuffling program. (YP) More

    pp. 7-10

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  2. Euclidean Circles and Their Modular Images

    Joe Dan Austin

    Shows a series of Euclidean equations using the Euclidean algorithm to get the greatest common divisor of two integers. Describes the use of the equations to generate a series of circles. Discusses... More

    pp. 11-21

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  3. A College/Industry Program of VAX/VMS Seminars

    Lynn K. Davis

    Outlines an articulation program between college and industry. Describes three seminar courses using the college's computer system. Considers the benefits of the program. (Author/YP) More

    pp. 22-27

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  4. Horse, A Probabilistic Look at a Game of Chance

    Richard F. Maruszewski

    Describes a five-dice game, horse. Discusses the offensive player's strategy using the ideas of probability, such as counting outcomes, mutually exclusive events, conditional probabilities, zero... More

    pp. 37-43

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