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Mathematics and Computer Education

1989 Volume 23, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Logic Programming: PROLOG

    Antonio M. Lopez

    Provides background material on logic programing and presents PROLOG as a high-level artificial intelligence programing language that borrows its basic constructs from logic. Suggests the language ... More

    pp. 74-80

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  2. Expansions in Different Bases

    Umesh P. Nagarkatte & Shailaja U. Nagarkatte

    Identifies and proves two theorems related to expressing rational numbers in decimal form for any natural base m>1. Includes two BASIC computer programs with sample runs. (MVL) More

    pp. 101-12

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  3. Symbolic Computational Algebra Applied to Picard Iteration

    John Mathews

    Uses muMATH to illustrate the step-by-step process in translating mathematical theory into the symbolic manipulation setting. Shows an application of a Picard iteration which uses a computer to... More

    pp. 117-22

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