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Mathematics and Computer Education

1988 Volume 22, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Proofs Based on LOGO Procedures

    Frederick S. Klotz

    Mathematical methods are used to study certain related Logo procedures in detail. Simple procedures with known properties are then used to build the higher-level procedures which correspond to... More

    pp. 157-62

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  2. The Mathematics of Computer Error

    Eric Wood

    Why a computer error occurred is considered by analyzing the binary system and decimal fractions. How the computer stores numbers is then described. Knowledge of the mathematics behind computer... More

    pp. 173-79

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  3. A Semi-Automatic "Gauss" Program

    Amos Ehrlich

    The suggested program is designed for mathematics teachers. It concerns the solution of systems of linear equations, but it does not complete the job on its own. The user is the solver while the... More

    pp. 182-88

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