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Mathematics and Computer Education

1988 Volume 22, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Lattice Multiplication: Old and New

    Betty Givan & Rosemary Karr

    The author presents two examples of lattice multiplication followed by a computer algorithm to perform this multiplication. The algorithm is given in psuedocode but could easily be given in Pascal.... More

    pp. 81-86

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  2. Normal Distribution Probabilities and Quantiles without Tables

    Rick L. Edgeman

    Presents noncalculus approximation techniques for two normal distribution problems. These methods may be useful projects for lower-level undergraduate statistics and computer science students. (PK) More

    pp. 95-99

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  3. Several Approaches to a Basic Problem in Computer Graphics

    James R. Smart

    Considers the problem of how to go from three coordinates to two. States that it is not a problem that mathematics students ordinarily encounter. Presents four methods of graphing three-dimensional... More

    pp. 109-15

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  4. A Classroom Note of Interest

    Peter Flusser

    Presents a practical application of mathematics that would be appropriate for a general liberal arts classroom exercise to illustrate how calculators and computers are important tools for the... More

    pp. 116-19

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  5. The Reflective Property of the Conics--A Different Approach

    Margaret L. Blistain & Paul H. Phillips

    Presents a method of viewing the reflective properties of the parabola and ellipse. Reinforces previously studied concepts of mathematics useful for individual or classroom projects. (PK) More

    pp. 120-23

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  6. Software Reviews

    Presents reviews of six software packages. Includes (1) "Plain Vanilla Statistics"; (2) "MathCAD 2.0"; (3) "GrFx"; (4) "Trigonometry"; (5) "Algebra II"; (6) "Algebra Drill and Practice I, II, and... More

    pp. 141-51

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