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Library Resources and Technical Services

1983 Volume 27, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. The Catalog as Access Mechanism: Background and Concepts

    Patrick Wilson

    Discusses the goals of library catalogs, how and to what extent these goals are achieved, and differences which exist among online, card, book, and microform catalogs. Access and display of... More

    pp. 4-17

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  2. Technology and the Online Catalog

    Peter S. Graham

    Discusses trends in computer technology and their use for library catalogs, noting the concept of bandwidth (describes quantity of information transmitted per given unit of time); computer hardware... More

    pp. 18-35

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  3. Characteristics of Online Public Catalogs

    Stephen R. Salmon

    This description of the functional characteristics of 20 online public catalogs in libraries in the United States notes their origin and scope, search methods, access points, search commands,... More

    pp. 36-67

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  4. The Human Dimension of the Catalog: Concepts and Constraints in Information Seeking

    Leigh Estabrook

    Looks at the social and psychological effects on users of the introduction of online catalogs in libraries, examines several major changes in public and professional use of the catalog that result ... More

    pp. 68-75

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  5. Use of Classification in Online Retrieval

    Elaine Svenonius

    Six uses of classification in online retrieval systems are envisioned--to improve recall and precision; to conceptualize meaning of vague search terms; to provide structure for browsing; to provide... More

    pp. 76-80

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  6. Practical Considerations of the Current Capabilities of Subject Access in Online Public Catalogs

    Anne Grodzins Lipow

    This overview of the current capabilities of subject access in online public catalogs discusses keyword searching versus subject cataloging, users' views of the online catalog, and user-friendly... More

    pp. 81-87

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  7. Futuristic Aspects of Subject Access

    Phyllis A. Richmond

    Discusses future of online information retrieval systems in terms of types of computer hardware expected (noting size, memory, cost, microcomputers, peripherals); software expected; "user friendly"... More

    pp. 88-93

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