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League for Innovation in the Community College's Conference on Information Technology

November 1996

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 3

  1. An Hour with the Internet Curmudgeon

    Joel Morgovsky

    While the Internet undeniably contains an enormous amount of information, community colleges should consider some key issues before joining the headlong rush toward virtual classrooms. First,... More

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  2. Outsourcing of Technology in Higher Education: The Brookdale Experience

    Donna Thompson & Joel Morgovsky

    Outsourcing in higher education refers to the practice of contracting with private, off-campus firms to provide or manage services which have historically been provided in-house. Budget cutbacks... More

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  3. Bits, Bytes, and Bricks: The Impact of Technology on Classroom Architecture

    James Henderson

    In October 1992, California's San Juan College was awarded a Title III grant to implement three technology-based initiatives. The first two activities involved the use of a computer lab to increase... More

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