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Journal of Tertiary Educational Administration

October 1979 Volume 1, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. The Introduction of New Technology in Tertiary Institutions

    M Schroder

    New information-processing technologies are seen as solutions to problems for tertiary educational administrators. Two case studies are recounted. The introduction of word processing (stand-alone... More

    pp. 40-51

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  2. Computer Developments and the Administrator, Part I

    R R. Landford

    Computer developments that might concern educational administrators are outlined, including physical size, processing performance, peripheral performance, cost of computation, and software... More

    pp. 52-56

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  3. Computer Developments and the Administrator, Part II

    A W. Findlay

    The computer is seen as a powerful tool that offers great potential for administrators in tertiary institutions. The impact of the computer on processing data, database concept, computer... More

    pp. 57-63

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