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Journal of Social Studies Education Research

Dec 21, 2020 Volume 11, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 14

  1. Impact of innovative STEAM education practices on teacher professional development and 3-6 year old children’s competence development

    Ona Monkeviciene, Birute Autukeviciene, Lina Kaminskiene & Justinas Monkevicius

    Over the last decade STEAM has been treated as a strategy for assurance of sustainable development, a concept of quality education and as a model of interdisciplinary integral education that... More

    pp. 1-27

  2. The Social Impact of Force Majeure and The consequences of the Determination of the Covid 19 Disaster Status on Learning the Manpower Law

    Evita Israhadi

    This study aims to explore learning about the labor law regarding the Force Majeure event due to the determination of the 2019 Corona Virus Disease pandemic (Covid-19) National Disaster, which has ... More

    pp. 28-51

  3. Cultural Ecoliteracy of Social Science Education at Junior High School in North Java Indonesia

    Wasino Wasino, Suharso Suharso, Cahyo Utomo & Fitri Shintasiwi

    The objectives of this research are to analyze the implementation of social science education learning and the construction of students’ knowledge after participating in social science education... More

    pp. 52-83

  4. Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions of Global Citizenship Education in the Social Studies Curriculum

    Kristina Andrews & Hasan Aydin

    Schools in the United States are becoming increasingly multiculturally diverse, therefore making it imperative to identify a means to implement global citizenship effectively into the social... More

    pp. 84-113

  5. Typical Literary Works of Pesantren on Righteousness Teaching within Cultural Transformation

    Fadlil Manshur

    This study explores the role and contribution of the Kyai in creating Islamic works of Arabic literature (Al-Adab Al-'Arabi) typical of Islamic boarding schools and elaborates on the intensive... More

    pp. 114-148

  6. Political Knowledge and Political Behavior among Highly Educated Muslims in Indonesia

    Ija Suntana & Betty Tresnawaty

    The purpose of this paper is to describe the influence of political knowledge on the political behavior of highly educated Muslim society in addressing political issues. This research used cohort... More

    pp. 149-174

  7. Learning the Social Impact of Corruption: A Study of Legal Policy and Corruption Prevention in Indonesia and Malaysia

    Mokhammad Najih & Fifik Wiryani

    This research focuses on the legal basis for anti-corruption measures in Indonesia and Malaysia and touches upon aspects of enforcement. These two neighboring countries have different legal systems... More

    pp. 175-189

  8. Virtual Reality: Pro et Contra

    Polina Volkova, Anna Luginina, Natalya Saenko & Vadim Samusenkov

    The article is devoted to the study of the dual nature of virtuality as a sociocultural phenomenon, which enables the outlining of recommendations for ensuring the integrity of a holistic... More

    pp. 190-203

  9. Analysis of Personnel Patterns in the Regional Government of the East Java Province, Indonesia

    Nurkholis Nurkholis, Soesilo Zauhar, Khairul Muluk & Endah Setyowati

    The existence of mono-loyalty in the simultaneous system of centralization and decentralization in Indonesia is used by the authorities to control the bureaucratic structure. Several problems occur... More

    pp. 204-218

  10. Indonesian Education Landscape and the 21st Century Challenges

    Vidi Sukmayadi & Azizul Yahya

    As one of the most extensive education system in the world, Indonesia has achieved significant progress to improve the educational outcomes in the last two decades. The government has managed to... More

    pp. 219-234

  11. Issues of Social Values in the Arabic Teaching of Islamic Higher Education Students in Indonesia

    Batmang Batmang & Fahmi Gunawan

    Research into the use of Arabic slang in the educational context is rare. This study therefore examines the use of Arabic slang among students in Islamic higher education in Indonesia. It applies... More

    pp. 235-256

  12. Life Review Therapy for Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Elderly Retired Women in Indonesia

    Diah Karmiyati, Nixie Rahmadiani & Nida Hasanati

    Retirement is considered an event that requires individual readjustment, so it can affect the psychological wellbeing of the elderly, especially for women. Better self-esteem can encourage... More

    pp. 257-274

  13. The Role of Families in Cultivating Children’s Personality Values: An Analysis of Social Psychology Education

    Suko Susilo

    The purpose of this study was to analyze the role of the family in cultivating value for children. In addition, it is also used to analyze the effect of values on children's attitudes, beliefs and ... More

    pp. 275-303

  14. Nationalism in the Season of Revolution: Poetry of Syrian, Libyan and Egyptian Poets

    Muhammad Zuhdi

    The Arab Spring represents an important chapter in the modern history of the Middle East. The revolution that started in Tunisia has inspired winds of change in Arab countries. Syria, Libya, and... More

    pp. 304-330