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Journal of Learning and Teaching in Digital Age

2018 Volume 3, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. The Dark Shadow of Virtual Reality

    Claire Park, CEO, Center for Econometric Optimization in the Nursing Workforce, Republic of Korea

    Virtual Reality (VR) technology are entering nursing education at a rapid speed (Foronda et al., 2017). VR has been reported in the nursing literature to significantly improve students’ performance... More

    pp. 1-2

  2. The Determination of Metacognitive Awareness Situations of Secondary School Students Receiving Programming Education with Alice

    Agah Korucu & Kadir Atıcı, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University

    Metacognition or metacognitive awareness is defined as the comprehension of individuals of their possessed skills, the controlling of these skills by those individuals and the stimulation of... More

    pp. 3-11

  3. Evolution of War and Cyber Attacks in the Concept of Conventional Warfare

    Huseyin Kuru, Gazi University

    Humanity have witnessed many confrontations of states whose interests challenge at some points and their struggle to neutralize problems in battlefield. While war was perceived as a way of... More

    pp. 12-20

  4. Where does Arduino’s power come from?: An extended literature review

    Mehmet Ocak, Gazi University

    The aim of this literature review is to examine the applications and researches related to the use of Arduino boards in learning and teaching environments. The study conducted a content review of... More

    pp. 21-34

  5. A Web Based Educational Programming Logic Controller Training Set Based on Vocational High School Students' Demands

    Abdullah Efe, Ministry of National Education, Gazi University, Department of Electricity, Faculty of Technology

    The purpose of this study was to design and develop aProgramming Logic Controller Training Set according to vocational high school students’ educational needs. In this regard, by using the... More

    pp. 35-44

  6. Organizational Solution Recommendations to the Problem of Child Pornography on The Internet

    Sedat Şen, Gazi University

    The purpose of this study was to reveal the ideal structure and the measures public organizations need to take with respect to the child pornography problem on the Internet, measuring the... More

    pp. 45-56