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Journal of Educators Online

Volume 11, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Transforming and Turning around Low-Performing Schools: The Role of Online Learning

    Michael Corry & Angela Carlson-Bancroft

    This review of the literature examines online learning as a core strategy for bold, dramatic curricular reform within transformational or turnaround models in improving low-performing K-12 schools.... More

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  2. Online Instructor's Use of Audio Feedback to Increase Social Presence and Student Satisfaction

    Laura Portolese Dias & Robert Trumpy

    This study investigates the impact of written group feedback, versus audio feedback, based upon four student satisfaction measures in the online classroom environment. Undergraduate students in the... More

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  3. Autonomy among Thieves: Template Course Design for Student and Faculty Success

    Kathleen Huun & Lisa Hughes

    Responding to a student-expressed need for consistency among courses within the online Baccalaureate Nursing Completion program at Midwestern University, an instructional designer and nursing... More

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  4. Comparison of Student and Instructor Perceptions of Social Presence

    Kathleen Mathieson & Joan S. Leafman

    As enrollment in online courses continues to grow and online education is increasingly recognized as an established instructional mode, the unique challenges posed by this learning environment... More

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  5. Putting the PLE into PLD: Virtual Professional Learning and Development

    Hazel Owen

    The range of affordances that a virtual environment offers can provide opportunities for more formal Professional Learning and Development (PLD) that has flexibility of choice, time and approach... More

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