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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Jan 25, 2016 Volume 12, Number 1


Luigi Colazzo

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Number of articles: 11

  1. Experience with Massive Open Online Courses in Slovakia

    Zuzana Melicherikova & Andrej Piovarci

    The online form of education has recently become very popular worldwide. Academic leaders in many countries have identified this form as a key for long-term development of educational institutions.... More

  2. The MOOCs: origin, characterization, principal problems and challenges in Higher Education

    Lourdes Atiaja Atiaja & Rey Proenza

    MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are an innovation that have attracted public academic attention in recent times, and which have resulted in the evolution of e-learning (electronic learning) and... More

  3. Comparing the effectiveness of digital contents for improving learning outcomes in computer programming for autodidact students

    Budi Yulianto, Harjanto Prabowo & Raymond Kosala

    Digital content makes improvement in e-learning for transferring knowledge to learners. By e-learning that delivers digital contents, learners can learn anywhere and anytime and educators can... More

  4. AlgoSkills: an ontology of Algorithmic Skills for exercises description and organization

    Taki Belhaoues, Tahar Bensebaa, Meriem Abdessemed & Anis Bey

    Algorithms and data structure is considered as an important course in computer science where students have to learn several fundamental principles of programming. Where many tools have been... More

  5. Barriers in computer-mediated communication: typology and evolution over time

    Elba Gutiérrez-Santiuste, María-Jesús Gallego-Arrufat & Aurelio Simone

    This study explores barriers in computer-mediated communication in a university collaborative learning community, specifically in a community of inquiry (CoI). We analyze the students' perceptions ... More

  6. Training professors in ICT: Personal Learning Environments. A grounded theory research study

    Cristina Henning Manzuoli, Hugo Rozo García & Yasbley Segovia Cifuentes

    The objective of this study is to recommend a training plan for teachers in the Department of Nursing and Rehabilitation that develops the competencies necessary for the educational integration of ... More

  7. Online Learning: trends, issues and challenges in the Big Data Era

    Muhammad Anshari, Yabit Alas, Nor'Azmah Hj Mohd Yunus, Norakmarul Pg Hj Sabtu & Malai Sheikh Abdul Hamid

    Nowadays, many students access online resources using their mobile devices, substituting this for traditional learning interactions. However, the new concept of ‘big data’ in recent ICT discussions... More

  8. Digital competence in Italian Higher Music Education

    Tiziana Rossi, Anna Bordin & Dario De Cicco, Italy

    In the past, the encounter between music and technological innovation was capable of making profound changes in the art itself and in social life. Today the passage from the possession of digital... More

  9. A Cooperative Multi-Agent System for modeling of authoring system in e-learning

    Abdelouahab Belazoui, Okba Kazar & Samir Bourekkache, Algeria

    Nowadays, development of application that support cooperative works has attracted recent attention. Thus, several approaches and methods were proposed to reach this aim. In this context, we propose... More

  10. Participatory Action-Research in a systemic framework for improving Social Innovation. The case study of Centro Audiovisual Don Bosco (UPS- Ecuador)

    Salvatore Patera, Juan Salgado Guerrero & Fausto Sàenz Zavala

    This paper stems from the need to respond to currently underway processes of knowledge management in the UPS. Knowledge management could be understood in terms of relationships between research and... More

  11. Characteristics and advantages of using an e-learning system for training of pre-school and primary school teachers

    Lora Spiridonova

    This paper presents a way to use Moodle platform as an additional method in the university course «Games and intercultural competencies in the kindergarten». The results presented are from a test... More