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Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

May 24, 2014 Volume 10, Number 2


Luigi Colazzo

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Open Government Data: a citizen's right or a concession of public authorities?

    Jacopo Maramieri

    In this paper we present a necessarily brief overview of the legal and regulatory aspects of Open Government Data in Italy. The thesis of the article is that in Italy some regulatory issues and a... More

  2. Data warehouse, reporting and stakeholder engagement. Achievements of the University of Macerata

    Carlo Bentivoglio, Giuseppe D'antini, Giovanni Gison & Katia Giusepponi

    Nowadays there is an increasing need to integrate information from many sources in order to meet several kinds of urgencies. They come from both institutional stakeholders, who want to evaluate the... More

  3. Exploiting Big Data for Improving Healthcare Services

    Massimo Mancini

    Healthcare systems produce an enormous amount of data which can be effectively used to reduce the cost of healthcare while improving quality, and supporting prevention and personalization. This... More

  4. Open Data from Earth Observation: from Big Data to Linked Open Data, through INSPIRE

    Massimo Zotti & Claudio La Mantia

    The increasing availability of Earth Observation and geographic data implies great opportunities for those capable to efficiently address the problems arising from the management of this huge... More

  5. Towards the development of user tools for knowledge acquisition in digital document analysis

    Michael Fairhurst & Meryem Erbilek

    Handwritten documents provide a rich source of data and, with the growth in the availability of digitised documents, it becomes increasingly important to improve our ability to analyse and extract ... More

  6. Lombardy EPA Obtorto Collo Data and Anti-pollution Policies Fallacies

    Andrea Trentini

    ARPA Lombardia EPA maintains pollution monitoring stations since 1999. Measured data is “somewhat” available through ARPA’s website. “Somewhat” because a CAPTCHA protected download request form... More

  7. OpenKnowledge and OpenGovernment: the experience of the municip@zione Living Lab project

    Angelo Galiano, Donato Impedovo & Miriam Pezzuto

    This work describes the research activity related to the field of open government developed in the municip@zione living lab project. The municip@zione project covers topics of the Italian Digital... More

  8. Customer centric strategies for value creation: academic experimentation

    Michele Scalera & Antonella Serra

    The exigency to assure the maximum of efficacy and efficiency of the educational processes is an important challenge to the social and economic development. The use of customer centric strategies... More