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Journal of Curriculum Studies

1990 Volume 22, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. The Impact of IT on the School Curriculum: Downwards, Sideways, Backwards, and Forwards

    J J. Wellington

    Reveals some drawbacks to computer studies in the primary and secondary learning environment in the United Kingdom. Addresses: (1) technical support; (2) low use of computer assisted learning in... More

    pp. 57-63

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  2. Computers and the Curriculum: The Australian Experience

    Chris Bigum

    Relates the history of computer studies and its impact on the secondary education environment in Australia. Discusses how the mass media and computer distributors have made parents feel that access... More

    pp. 63-67

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  3. Computer-based Education in New Zealand: A Time of Transition and Uncertainty

    Derek Hodson

    Describes the development of computer instruction in New Zealand. States that computer instruction increased from a level of zero in 1980 to 26 percent by 1989. Points out that in New Zealand... More

    pp. 67-72

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  4. Educational Computing and the Ecological Crisis: Some Questions about Our Curriculum Priorities

    C A. Bowers

    Proposes that although society is in the "Information Age," humans still must work interdependently with their natural resources. Addresses three question concerning the use of computers and how... More

    pp. 72-76

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