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Journal of Business Communication

1985 Volume 22, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 2

  1. The Method behind "Megatrends": A Reply to Bowman

    Eric J. Soares

    Responding to Bowman's review of "Megatrends," (EJ 309 721), examines Naisbitt's methodology and lends credence to his "high tech/high touch" megatrend and research findings. (PD) More

    pp. 5-8

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  2. Video Teleconferencing and Performance

    Daniel K. Rosetti & Theodore J. Surynt

    Concludes that video teleconferencing may be a more effective method of dealing with complex group problem solving than face-to-face meetings. Discusses reasons for and implications of this finding... More

    pp. 25-31

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