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Universal Journal of Educational Research

2017 Volume 5, Number 11

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Technical Education--The Key to Sustainable Technological Development

    J. U. Odo, W. C. Okafor, A. L. Odo, L. N. Ejikeugwu & C. N. Ugwuoke

    Technical education has been identified as one of the most effective human resource development that needs to be embraced for rapid industrialization and sustainable technological development of... More

    pp. 1878-1884

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  2. The Investigation of Human Values Perceived from the Use of Social Media of Secondary School Students

    Ahmet Kara & Hatice Tekin

    This research has been carried out to investigate the relation between social media usage of secondary school students and their perceived human values. The population of the research consisted of ... More

    pp. 1912-1925

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  3. Using Plickers Cooperate with Peer Instruction to Promote Students' Discussion in Introductory Physics Course

    Sura Wuttiprom, Khanti Toeddhanya, Aakapong Buachoom & Karntarat Wuttisela

    In decades Peer Instruction (PI) has been confirmed that it can improve students' conceptual understanding. Anyway the main problem for using PI is an audience responding system which is required... More

    pp. 1955-1961

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  4. Action Research of the Multiple Intelligence (MI), Cooperative Learning, and Game-Based Teaching into Summer Intensive English Classes for Mixed-Level and Mixed-Age Students

    Shu-Chin Su & Eleen Liang

    This study is based on the "2014 the Schweitzer Program" in Taiwan which spanned for four weeks from the 2nd to 29th of August. The lessons included four classes of multimedia picture... More

    pp. 1977-1985

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  5. The Opinions of the Turkish Teacher Candidates about the Webquest

    Ahmet Akçay

    Webquest, first introduced by Dodge in 1995, is a research and inquiry tool that uses the Internet as a resource. The interest of the students regarding the characteristics is included in the... More

    pp. 1986-1994

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  6. According to Candidate Teachers Views Classroom Management Problems of Teachers in Traditional and Technology-Supported Classrooms

    Said Tas

    In this research, it is aimed to investigate classroom management problems of middle school 6th and 7th grade teachers in traditional and technology-supported classrooms and differences between... More

    pp. 2005-2015

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  7. Media with Captions and Description to Support Learning among Children with Sensory Disabilities

    Juanita Rodriguez & Maria Victoria Diaz

    The basis of this exploratory research was to study the benefits of using accessible media to enhance students from Hispanic origin with sensory disabilities' reading skills. A mixed method was... More

    pp. 2016-2025

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  8. A Place for Digital Storytelling in Teacher Pedagogy

    Anne-Marie Clarke

    Traditional school subjects are challenged by the acceleration of access to knowledge in the new age of media available to both teachers and students. Teachers who are socialized into existing... More

    pp. 2045-2055

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  9. Internet-Based French as a Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning: Academic Success and Opinions on FFL Learners

    Senem Seda Sahenk Erkan

    In the 21st century, globalization and technological developments in different domains of life have accentuated the importance of multilingualism and multiculturalism in studying English and French... More

    pp. 2066-2073

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  10. Changing Paradigms: From Schooling to Schools as Adaptive Recommendation Systems

    Anne Kristine Petersen, Rene B. Christiansen & Karsten Gynther

    The paper explores a shift in education from educational systems requiring student adaptation to educational recommendation systems adapting to students' individual needs. The paper discusses the... More

    pp. 2081-2091

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