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Universal Journal of Educational Research

2015 Volume 3, Number 2

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Training of Aural Attention Components by Using the Computerized Program AUT

    Valdis Bernhofs, Ilina Grauzdina & Rudolfs Kreicbergs

    Attention, being a precondition for any cognitive process, has always been of the utmost importance for teachers. The teachers who work with musically gifted children also face the problems of... More

    pp. 120-127

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  2. Stereotypical Beliefs about Cyber Bullying: An Exploratory Study in Terms of Myths

    Efthymios Lampridis

    The present study investigates stereotypical beliefs about cyber bullying in terms of myths, a well applied concept in the study of beliefs concerning sexual aggression. The level of acceptance of ... More

    pp. 135-147

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