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Journal of Instructional Pedagogies

2014 Volume 15, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Online Teaching Best Practices to Better Engage Students with Quantitative Material

    Alicia Graziosi Strandberg & Kathleen Campbell

    It is well known engaged students perform better in any course (Nash, 2005, Angelino et. al 2007, Revere and Kovach 2011). However in the online classroom environment engaging students can be a... More

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  2. Blended Course Design for Multi-Campus Technology Instruction: An Expository Study

    Evelyn Thrasher, Phillip Coleman & Jeffrey Willis

    This manuscript shares the results of an experimental blended course design that combines online and synchronous technology instruction across four geographically dispersed computer classrooms... More

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  3. Tools for Engaging Online Learners: Increasing Student Involvement in Online Classes

    Enid Acosta-Tello

    Faculty who have taught in a traditional classroom are finding themselves having to teach in a setting in which they are unable to interact face-to-face with their students. Online instruction... More

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  4. Challenges in Database Design with Microsoft Access

    Jerzy Letkowski

    Design, development and explorations of databases are popular topics covered in introductory courses taught at business schools. Microsoft Access is the most popular software used in those courses.... More

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  5. "Sankofa" Teaching and Learning: Evaluating Relevance for Today's African-American Student

    Medha Talpade & Salil Talpade

    The intent of this project was to identify and relate the values and perceptions of today's African American students to culturally relevant teaching and learning practices. The reason for relating... More

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