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Journal of Instructional Research

2018 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Personalized Online Reflective Deliberations: No Significant Differences across Institution Type

    Anita Chadha

    This research contributes to knowledge about the effectiveness of online deliberations as an innovative means for providing online education. Using a mixed methods approach, student peer exchanges ... More

    pp. 60-74

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  2. Proximity in the Online Classroom: Engagement, Relationships, and Personalization

    Thomas Dyer, Jacob Aroz & Elizabeth Larson

    For those who have taught in the traditional classroom at any level, proximity is understood as a best practice in managing classroom behaviors. The farther away the teacher is from the student the... More

    pp. 108-118

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  3. Keeping Your Sanity While Keeping Your Students: How Teacher Engagement Can Increase Student Persistence When Teaching Students during Their First College Course

    Lynn Basko & Crystal McCabe

    Student persistence is a common concern for online educators. Previous research has shown that student persistence rates are effected by instructor presence, creating a sense of community in the... More

    pp. 119-123

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  4. Reflection: Benefits of Gamification in Online Higher Education

    Daniel A. Kaufmann

    This article presents a reflective account of how gamification can help students overcome complex academic challenges, such as those involved in the dissertation process and other elements of... More

    pp. 125-132

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  5. Metacognitive Mentoring Framework Reduce Student Attrition in Online Education

    Lisa Marie Portugal

    This paper summarizes a veteran instructor's experience during a short, yet intensive mentorship within a Community of Practice (CoP) framework. As a member in a Participatory Action Research... More

    pp. 133-155

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