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Journal of Education and Research

Aug 15, 2013 Volume 3, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Educational Thinking from the Perspective of Children: Contemporary Comments on a Traditional Slogan

    Stefan Gross & Ulrich Wehner

    Educational thinking has always been linked with a specific view on children.Although it is a matter of common knowledge, in closer examination the authorsfigure out that educational concepts deal ... More

  2. Global Efforts towards Quality Education for All: Evidence and Reflections from an International and Comparative Educational Perspective

    Vinayagum Chinapah, Mikiko Cars & Sarit Grinberg

    In the process of constructing post-2015 development global frameworks, education is increasingly seen globally to be a powerful tool for preparing students to enter labor market as well as to... More

  3. Beliefs about Teaching Geometric Transformations with Geometers’ Sketchpad: A Reflexive Abstraction

    Shashidhar Belbase

    A teacher‟s belief plays a significant role in the quality of teaching mathematics. In a fictive way, I changed my role from a researcher to a research participant in an imaginative interview. My... More

  4. Lived Experiences of Middle Level Leaders in the Nepali Institutional Schools

    Narayan Kafle

    This paper explicates the contextually embedded meaning of being middle level leaders in the Nepali institutional schools. Using in-depth interview and protocol writing as the means of data... More

  5. A Third Space Research Methodology Through the Metaphor of Mokshya

    Suresh Gautam & Bal Luitel

    In this paper, we argue that research paradigms arising from the Western Modern Worldview (WMW) orient research enterprise to serve metaphysics of presence (positive evidence), propositional,... More

  6. Intergroup Relations Among Ethnically Diverse University Students in Ethiopia

    Abebaw Adamu

    This study focused on examining the intergroup relations among ethnically diverse university students. The study was conducted in Bahir Dar University, one of the public universities in Ethiopia– a... More