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E-Learning and Digital Media

2010 Volume 7, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The Teacher as Designer: Pedagogy in the New Media Age

    Mary Kalantzis & Bill Cope

    This article outlines a learning intervention which the authors call Learning by Design. The goal of this intervention is classroom and curriculum transformation, and the professional learning of... More

    pp. 200-222

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  2. What Learners "Know" through Digital Media Production: Learning by Design

    Kathy A. Mills

    The power to influence others in ever expanding social networks in the new knowledge economy is tied to capabilities with digital media production that require increased technological knowledge.... More

    pp. 223-236

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  3. Meaning Making Using New Media: Learning by Design Case Studies

    Mary Neville

    This article discusses a study of three Australian middle-years teachers who deployed Learning by Design principles and practice to support multiliteracies learning through students' production of ... More

    pp. 237-247

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  4. Technologies in Literacy Learning: A Case Study

    Anne Cloonan

    This article draws on outcomes of a study which explored changes in teachers' literacy pedagogies as a result of their participation in a collaborative teacher professional learning project. The... More

    pp. 248-257

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  5. Engaging Learner Diversity through Learning by Design

    Rita van Haren

    Diversity is a key issue in education not only because of ongoing inequalities in student learning outcomes but also because of the importance of supporting each individual to reach his/her... More

    pp. 258-271

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  6. Learning, Technology and School Success

    Keiju Suominen

    Based on research conducted as part of the project Learning by Design: creating pedagogical frameworks for knowledge building in the 21st century, funded by the Australian Research Council, the... More

    pp. 272-279

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  7. Teacher Professional Transformation Using Learning by Design: A Case Study

    Leslie Morgan

    This case study of a senior teacher in an Australian high school describes the story of her professional transformation through involvement in the Learning by Design milieu. In so doing, it... More

    pp. 280-292

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  8. Addressing Diversity in an Early Years Mathematics Unit: A Matter of Design

    Peter Burrows

    In this article the manifold aims and theorised benefits of Learning by Design are explored and evaluated through the practices and experiences of an early years mathematics teacher. The article... More

    pp. 293-300

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