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Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

2011 Volume 23, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Checklist Manifesto for Electronic Resources: Getting Ready for the Fiscal Year and Beyond

    Lenore England, Li Fu & Stephen Miller

    Organization of electronic resources workflow is critical in the increasingly complicated and complex world of library management. A simple organizational tool that can be readily applied to... More

    pp. 307-326

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  2. New Roads for Patron-Driven E-Books: Collection Development and Technical Services Implications of a Patron-Driven Acquisitions Pilot at Rutgers

    Melissa De Fino & Mei Ling Lo

    Collection development librarians have long struggled to meet user demands for new titles. Too often, required resources are not purchased, whereas some purchased resources do not circulate. E... More

    pp. 327-338

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  3. Metadata Dictionary Database: A Proposed Tool for Academic Library Metadata Management

    Silvia B. Southwick & Cory Lampert

    This article proposes a metadata dictionary (MDD) be used as a tool for metadata management. The MDD is a repository of critical data necessary for managing metadata to create "shareable" digital... More

    pp. 339-360

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  4. Investigating a Student-Driven Taxonomy for Library Website Design

    Anna Hulseberg & Sarah Monson

    Libraries spend countless hours developing websites to connect users and resources. However, how much do we really know about what website terminology and features are meaningful to our patrons?... More

    pp. 361-378

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  5. Measuring Link-Resolver Success: Comparing 360 Link with a Local Implementation of WebBridge

    Gail Herrera

    This study reviewed link resolver success comparing 360 Link and a local implementation of WebBridge. Two methods were used: (1) comparing article-level access and (2) examining technical issues... More

    pp. 379-388

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  6. Road Tripping down the Digital Preservation Highway: Part IV--Classic Rides

    Jessica Branco Colati & Gregory C. Colati

    "Road Tripping Down the Digital Preservation Highway" follows the continuing adventures of Peter Palmer, erstwhile librarian at Bellaluna University and manager of the library's and University's... More

    pp. 392-398

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