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Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

2011 Volume 23, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Digital Ethnography: Library Web Page Redesign among Digital Natives

    Diane Klare & Kendall Hobbs

    Presented with an opportunity to improve Wesleyan University's dated library home page, a team of librarians employed ethnographic techniques to explore how its users interacted with Wesleyan's... More

    pp. 97-110

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  2. Think Locally: A Prudent Approach to Electronic Resource Management Systems

    Nat Gustafson-Sundell

    A few articles have drawn some amount of attention specifically to the local causes of the success or failure of electronic resource management system (ERMS) implementations. In fact, it seems... More

    pp. 126-141

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  3. Evolution of a Digital Repository: One Institution's Experience

    Terry M. Owen

    In this article, the development of a digital repository is examined, specifically how the focus on acquiring content for the repository has transitioned from faculty-published research to include ... More

    pp. 142-149

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  4. Road Tripping Down the Digital Preservation Highway, Part II: Road Signs, Billboards, and Rest Stops along the Way

    Jessica Branco Colati & Gregory C. Colati

    In this second of a two-part article on road tripping down the Digital Preservation Highway, the authors follow the continuing adventures of Peter Palmer, erstwhile librarian at Bellaluna... More

    pp. 165-173

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