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Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

2010 Volume 22, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Something so Right

    Jill Emery

    In August 2010, "Wired" magazine declared, "The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet." Citing the rise of IPad & Smartphone sales and the rapid explosion of application-based software to run various... More

    pp. 88-92

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  2. Positioning Your Library in an Open-Access Environment

    Anjana H. Bhatt

    This paper is a summary of the project that the author completed at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) library for providing online access to 80 open access E-journals and digital collections.... More

    pp. 96-101

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  3. From Tedious to Timely: Screencasting to Troubleshoot Electronic Resource Issues

    Eric Hartnett & Carole Thompson

    The shift from traditional print materials to electronic resources, in conjunction with the rise in the number of distance education programs, has left many electronic resource librarians... More

    pp. 102-112

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  4. Navigating to the Future: Understanding Common Tasks in a Multi-Campus Environment in the Dramatically Changing Acquisition World

    Julia Bock & Rosemary Burgos-Mira

    In the context of a diverse, multi-campus university, this study discusses historical factors and recent changes in scholarly communication and the economic impact of these changes as we seek to... More

    pp. 113-123

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  5. We're All in This Together: Library Faculty and Staff and Their Reporting of Electronic Resource Problems

    Anita Foster & Sarah C. Williams

    Libraries continue to shift budgets toward obtaining more electronic resources. Electronic resources can develop problems at any time when a library offers access. Staff collaboration is vital in... More

    pp. 124-143

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  6. What Drives Usage

    Jeff Matlak

    Western Illinois University Libraries has cut online serials subscriptions in the past 2 years. The librarians were guided by the statistics for downloads provided by the publishers of the journals... More

    pp. 144-165

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