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Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

2009 Volume 21, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Rocking in the Tree Tops

    Jill Emery

    Twitter provides rapid information in a short form, and it is extremely easy to follow the updates of others because of myriad software applications with which it works on both mobile devices and... More

    pp. 110-113

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  2. Linked Library Data Now!

    Ross Singer

    There is a growing interest in making available and making sense of the data on the Web and trapped in databases. Rather than a web of unstructured documents, full of information understandable... More

    pp. 114-126

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  3. Economic Hard Times and Electronic Resources

    Jill E. Grogg

    Library school courses focusing on management and budgeting are as important as ever, as are continuing education opportunities for librarians who may not have encountered a severe economic... More

    pp. 127-130

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  4. How Can Libraries Determine the Value in Collecting, Managing, Preserving, and/or Cataloging E-Resources?

    Douglas King

    The author recently asked his colleagues, "How can libraries determine the value in collecting, managing, preserving, and/or cataloging e-resources?" hoping to challenge readers to come up with... More

    pp. 131-140

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  5. Navigating the MLA Bibliography: Performance across Vendor Platforms

    Aline Soules & Liorah Golomb

    In this article, the authors compared the MLA International Bibliography database (MLAIB) across five vendor platforms to determine how and why seemingly comparable searches produced varying... More

    pp. 141-162

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  6. The National E-Books Observatory Project: Examining Student Behaviors and Usage

    Lorraine Estelle & Hazel Woodward

    The Joint Information Systems Committee National e-Books Observatory Project will assess the impacts, observe behaviors, and develop new models to stimulate the U.K. higher education e-books market... More

    pp. 172-177

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