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Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

2008 Volume 20, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. All We Do Is Chat Chat: Social Networking for the Electronic Resources Librarian

    Jill Emery

    Social networking tools have been getting quite a bit of press in libraryland for the past couple of years. It is considered to be one of the key aspects of a library joining what is referred to as... More

    pp. 205-209

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  2. Negotiation for the Librarian

    Jill E. Grogg

    Librarians engage in some sort of negotiation all the time. Unfortunately, library schools do not uniformly teach negotiation theory or skills. New librarians are left to their own devices to self-... More

    pp. 210-212

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  3. Many Libraries Have Gone to Federated Searching to Win Users Back from Google. Is It Working?

    Douglas King

    In the last issue, this journal asked a question on many librarians' minds, and it was pleased with the depth and variety of responses. As suggested by this journal editorial board member Oliver... More

    pp. 213-227

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  4. Getting Users to Library Resources: A Delicious Alternative

    Aysegul Kapucu, Athena Hoeppner & Doug Dunlop

    The article gives an overview of social bookmarking in libraries and discusses the University of Central Florida (UCF) Libraries Delicious project and its outcomes in depth. It also addresses... More

    pp. 228-242

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  5. Records for Electronic Databases in the Online Catalog at Middle Tennessee State University

    Beverly J. Geckle, Mary Ellen Pozzebon & Jo Williams

    This article recounts a project at the Middle Tennessee State University library to include records for electronic databases in the online catalog. Although electronic databases are accessible via ... More

    pp. 243-255

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