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ZDM: The International Journal on Mathematics Education

2016 Volume 48, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. An Arithmetic-Algebraic Work Space for the Promotion of Arithmetic and Algebraic Thinking: Triangular Numbers

    Fernando Hitt, Mireille Saboya & Carlos Cortés Zavala

    This paper presents an experiment that attempts to mobilise an arithmetic-algebraic way of thinking in order to articulate between arithmetic thinking and the early algebraic thinking, which is... More

    pp. 775-791

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  2. Problem Solving and the Use of Digital Technologies within the Mathematical Working Space Framework

    Manuel Santos-Trigo, Luis Moreno-Armella & Matías Camacho-Machín

    The aim of this study is to analyze and document the extent to which high school teachers rely on a set of technology affordances to articulate epistemological and cognitive actions in problem... More

    pp. 827-842

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  3. Zig-Zagging in Geometrical Reasoning in Technological Collaborative Environments: A Mathematical Working Space-Framed Study Concerning Cognition and Affect

    Inés Gómez-Chacón, Isabel Romero Albaladejo & del Mar García López

    This study highlights the importance of cognition-affect interaction pathways in the construction of mathematical knowledge. Scientific output demands further research on the conceptual structure... More

    pp. 909-924

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