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Educational Research Review

December 2012 Volume 7, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Contributions of Piagetian and post-Piagetian theories to education

    Helena Marchand

    The aim of this article was to reflect on the contributions of Piagetian and neo-Piagetian theories to education. Topics analyzed included the evolution of Piaget’s and co-workers’ theory, the... More

    pp. 165-176

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  2. Students’ characteristics and teacher–child relationships in instruction: A meta-analysis

    Jari-Erik Nurmi

    This article suggests that students’ characteristics play a more important role in classrooms than has previously been thought. To investigate this, a computerized literacy search was conducted,... More

    pp. 177-197

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  3. How features of educational technology applications affect student reading outcomes: A meta-analysis

    Alan C.K. Cheung & Robert E. Slavin

    The purpose of this review is to learn from rigorous evaluations of alternative technology applications how features of using technology programs and characteristics of their evaluations affect... More

    pp. 198-215

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  4. A review of research and a meta-analysis of the seductive detail effect

    Günter Daniel Rey

    Seductive details constitute interesting but irrelevant information that are not necessary to achieve the instructional objective. The seductive detail effect occurs when people learn more deeply... More

    pp. 216-237

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  5. A narrative review of Greek myths as interpretative metaphors in educational research and evaluation

    Antonio Fernández-Cano, Manuel Torralbo, Mónica Vallejo & Inés M. Fernández-Guerrero

    This paper reviews a series of Greek myths put forward as cultural narratives that could be used as metaphors or interpretative similes for explanatory and evaluative purposes in educational... More

    pp. 238-248

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  6. Note on parents’ choice of schools and the quality of education

    Maria Eugénia Ferrão

    pp. 249-250

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