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Educational Research Review

2011 Volume 6, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Effective programs for struggling readers: A best-evidence synthesis

    Robert E. Slavin, Cynthia Lake, Susan Davis & Nancy A. Madden

    This article reviews research on the achievement outcomes of alternative approaches for struggling readers ages 5–10 (US grades K-5): One-to-one tutoring, small-group tutorials, classroom... More

    pp. 1-26

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  2. Do pedagogical agents make a difference to student motivation and learning?

    Steffi Heidig & Geraldine Clarebout

    Pedagogical agents, characters that guide through multimedia learning environments, recently gained increasing interest. A review was published by Clarebout, Elen, Johnson and Shaw in 2002 where a ... More

    pp. 27-54

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  3. Considering young people's motives for interactive media use

    Antoine van den Beemt, Sanne Akkerman & Robert-Jan Simons

    Young people's increasing use of interactive media has led to assertions about possible consequences for education. Rather than following assertions, we argue for theory-driven empirical research... More

    pp. 55-66

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  4. The co-occurrence of intellectual giftedness and Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Agnes E.J. Burger-Veltmeijer, Alexander E.M.G. Minnaert & Els J. Van Houten-Van den Bosch

    This systematic literature review explored the state of the art concerning the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the twice-exceptionality of Intellectual Giftedness and Autism Spectrum... More

    pp. 67-88

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