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Educational Research Review

2010 Volume 5, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Grasping the dynamic complexity of team learning: An integrative model for effective team learning in organisations

    Stefan Decuyper, Filip Dochy & Piet Van den Bossche

    In this article we present an integrative model of team learning. Literature shows that effective team learning requires the establishment of a dialogical space amongst team members, in which... More

    pp. 111-133

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  2. The effect of peer socioeconomic status on student achievement: A meta-analysis

    Reyn van Ewijk & Peter Sleegers

    Previous studies on the effects on students’ test scores of their peers’ socioeconomic status (SES) reported varying results. A meta-regression analysis including 30 studies on the topic shows that... More

    pp. 134-150

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  3. The use of weblogs in higher education settings: A review of empirical research

    Jeffrey Wee Sing Sim & Khe Foon Hew

    “Weblogs” or “blogs” are increasingly visible in higher education settings. Some scholars suggest that blogs are useful because of their reflective nature. However, as this review indicates the... More

    pp. 151-163

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  4. Tailor-made: Towards a pedagogy for educating second-career teachers

    Anke Tigchelaar, Niels Brouwer & Jan D. Vermunt

    Many countries suffer from teacher shortages. One possible solution to this problem is to recruit second-career teachers. These second-career teachers form an intriguing group. They bring an... More

    pp. 164-183

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  5. Theorizing scientific literacy in the wild

    Michiel van Eijck & Wolff-Michael Roth

    The purpose of this review paper is to contribute to the effort of rethinking scientific literacy in a form that is appropriate for describing and theorizing its occurrence “in the wild,” that is, ... More

    pp. 184-194

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