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Educational Research Review

February 2016 Volume 17, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Do we click in the right way? A meta-analytic review of clicker-integrated instruction

    Yu-Ta Chien, Graduate Institute of Science Education, Taiwan; Yueh-Hsia Chang, Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, Taiwan; Chun-Yen Chang, Graduate Institute of Science Education, Taiwan

    Clickers, formerly known as instant response systems, have gradually become an integral part of the classroom. Though several reviews on research into clicker-integrated instruction have been... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Signaling text-picture relations in multimedia learning: A comprehensive meta-analysis

    Juliane Richter, Katharina Scheiter & Alexander Eitel, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien, Germany

    The signaling principle recommends emphasizing relevant aspects of a multimedia message by means of signals (e.g., color coding). We determined the effectiveness of signals that highlight... More

    pp. 19-36

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  3. International teacher mobility and migration: A review and synthesis of the current empirical research and literature

    Katharina Bense

    This article reviews the international literature and cross-disciplinary empirical work on the issue of international teacher mobility and migration. The aim of the article is to offer a... More

    pp. 37-49

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  4. A systematic review of prerequisites for implementing assessment for learning in classroom practice

    M.C. Heitink, University of Twente; F.M. Van der Kleij, Australian Catholic University, Australia; B.P. Veldkamp, K. Schildkamp & W.B. Kippers, University of Twente

    Although many researchers acknowledge that Assessment for Learning can significantly enhance student learning, the factors facilitating or hindering its implementation in daily classroom practice... More

    pp. 50-62

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  5. The influence of academic self-efficacy on academic performance: A systematic review

    Toni Honicke & Jaclyn Broadbent

    This review integrates 12 years of research on the relationship between academic self-efficacy and university student's academic performance, and known cognitive and motivational variables that... More

    pp. 63-84

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