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2009 Volume 6, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Literacy and Learning across Transnational Online Spaces

    Wan Shun Eva Lam

    This article reviews the emerging research literature on literacy in transnational migrant contexts and extends research in this area through an-depth study of how two immigrant teenagers navigated... More

    pp. 303-324

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  2. Net-Based Training for Physicians

    Paivi Jokela & Peter Karlsudd

    In order to ensure and increase access to high-quality learning opportunities it is becoming more and more common to integrate e-learning into health-related environments. The rapid development of ... More

    pp. 325-335

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  3. Online Presentations of Research on Adult Literacy: Government Websites as Learning Spaces

    Erik Jacobson

    This article presents a review of seven national governments' online collections of adult literacy-related research. This study explored the type of learning associated with official web spaces by ... More

    pp. 336-350

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  4. E-Learning Platform for Education Innovation: A Case for Botswana

    Rapelang Marumo, Richard Sehurutshi & Kabanya Wangombe

    This article intends to investigate the challenges of e-learning implementation with an emphasis on education innovation. The Botswana government imports technology rather than developing it in... More

    pp. 351-362

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  5. Integrating E-Learning into Postgraduate Radiotherapy and Oncology Education: A Case Study

    Heidi Probst, David Eddy, Jo Doughty & Denyse Hodgson

    Training health professionals within university environments has traditionally focused on face-to-face methods. Practitioners working within the UK National Health Service (NHS) have found it... More

    pp. 363-371

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  6. Integration of a Case-Based Online Module into an Undergraduate Curriculum: What Is Involved and Is It Effective?

    David Howlett, Tim Vincent, Nicola Gainsborough, Jil Fairclough, Nick Taylor, Jon Cohen & Richard Vincent

    Numerous studies have been undertaken demonstrating that online learning is an effective teaching tool, working best when combined with more conventional teaching methods. There is a paucity of... More

    pp. 372-384

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  7. From Bush Pump to Blackboard: The "Fluid" Workings of a Virtual Environment

    Judith Guevarra Enriquez

    "Impact" is possibly the most frequently evaluated construct associated with any kind of technological diffusion or adoption within educational settings. Seemingly endless research projects are... More

    pp. 385-399

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  8. Correlates of Student Preference for Online Instruction over Face-to-Face Instruction

    Masao Kishore, M H. Nassehzadeh Tabrizi, Erol Ozan, Shahnaz Aziz & Karl L. Wuensch

    In order to examine current online course delivery systems, the authors created and conducted a survey that examined both face-to-face (FTF) and online education (OE) classes offered at 46... More

    pp. 400-415

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