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2008 Volume 5, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. A Participatory Simulation for Informal Education in Restoration Ecology

    Bill Tomlinson, Eric Baumer, Man Lok Yau, F Lynn Carpenter & Rebecca Black

    Constructivist pedagogical approaches have become common in many science curricula. However, while sciences such as physics and chemistry lend themselves to compelling opportunities for interaction... More

    pp. 238-255

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  2. Essay Marking On-Screen: Implications for Assessment Validity

    Stuart Shaw

    Computer-assisted assessment offers many benefits over traditional paper methods. However, in transferring from one medium to another, it is crucial to ascertain the extent to which the new medium ... More

    pp. 256-274

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  3. Rage against the Machine? Symbolic Violence in E-Learning Supported Tertiary Education

    Nicola F. Johnson, David Macdonald & Tara Brabazon

    The move toward online course facilitation in tertiary education has the intent of providing education at any time in any place to any person. However, the advent of blended learning and e-learning... More

    pp. 275-283

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  4. The Impact of the Read/Write Web on Learner Agency

    Richard Hall

    This article scopes some of the key political elements in the higher educational use of the read/write web, or Web2.0 as it is commonly known. It investigates ways in which these tools can be used ... More

    pp. 284-296

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  5. Chronicles of Change: The Narrative Turn and E-Learning Research

    Norm Friesen

    Narrative case research has been widely utilized in educational inquiry to investigate different and changing positions and perspectives on questions of identity, curriculum and classroom practice.... More

    pp. 297-309

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  6. A New Age of Constructivism: "Mode Neutral"

    Peter Reed, Brian Smith & Cathy Sherratt

    This article presents work in progress exploring social constructivism within Mode Neutral, and how various conditions impact upon the student experience. Mode Neutral's three dimensions-... More

    pp. 310-322

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  7. Graphically Mapping Electronic Discussions: Understanding Online Conversational Dynamics

    Jennifer Duncan-Howell

    Transcripts of electronic discussions have traditionally been examined via the use of conversational analysis techniques. Coding such transcripts provides rich data regarding the content and nature... More

    pp. 323-336

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  8. A Chicken in Every Pot; One Laptop per Child: The Trouble with Global Campaign Promises

    Linda Smith Tabb

    The object of this article is to analyse the possible viability of the global education project One Laptop per Child (OLPC), and to trace some of the recent events impacting the project. The XO... More

    pp. 337-351

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