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Journal of Information Technology Education

2007 Volume 6, Number

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Faculty Integration of Technology into Instruction and Students' Perceptions of Computer Technology to Improve Student Learning

    Jared Keengwe

    There has been a remarkable improvement in access and rate of adoption of technology in higher education. Even so, reports indicate that faculty members are not integrating technology into... More

    pp. 169-180

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  2. Just for Fun: Using Programming Games in Software Programming Training and Education--A Field Study of IBM Robocode Community

    Ju Long

    Improving learning effectiveness has always been a constant challenge in software education and training. One of the primary tasks educators face is to motivate learners to perform to their best... More

    pp. 279-290

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  3. What "Exactly" Do You Want Me to Do? Analysis of a Criterion Referenced Assessment Project

    Tony Jewels, Marilyn Ford & Wendy Jones

    In tertiary institutions in Australia, and no doubt elsewhere, there is increasing pressure for accountability. No longer are academics assumed "a priori" to be responsible and capable of self... More

    pp. 311-326

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  4. To Txt or Not to Txt: That's the Puzzle

    Tiong-Thye Goh & Val Hooper

    This paper describes the potential use of a mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) crossword puzzle system to promote interaction through learning activities in a large classroom environment.... More

    pp. 441-453

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  5. Is It Fully "On" or Partly "Off"? The Case of Fully-Online Provision of Transnational Education

    Iwona Miliszewska

    With the rapid expansion of the transnational education market, more and more universities join the ranks of transnational education providers or expand their transnational education offerings.... More

    pp. 499-514

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  6. A Scalable and Portable Structure for Conducting Successful Year-Long Undergraduate Software Team Projects

    Kathleen Keogh, Leon Sterling & Anne Venables

    Year-long team projects with external clients provide a well recognized opportunity for students to gain industry experience, whilst being supported and guided by staff to minimize risks. Each... More

    pp. 515-540

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