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Journal of Information Technology Education

2017 Volume 16, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Incorporating Wiki Technology in a Traditional Biostatistics Course: Effects on University Students' Collaborative Learning, Approaches to Learning and Course Performance

    Shirley S. M. Fong, Samuel K. W. Chu, Wilfred W.F. Lau, Iain Doherty & K. F. Hew

    Aim/Purpose: To investigate the effectiveness of incorporating wiki technology in an undergraduate biostatistics course for improving university students' collaborative learning, approaches to... More

    pp. 285-299

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  2. Learning Foreign Languages Using Mobile Applications

    Ruti Gafni, Dafni Biran Achituv & Gila Joyce Rachmani

    Aim/Purpose: This study examines how the use of a Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) application influences the learners' attitudes towards the process of learning, and more specifically in... More

    pp. 301-317

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  3. Validation of an e-Learning 3.0 Critical Success Factors Framework: A Qualitative Research

    Paula Miranda, Pedro Isaias, Carlos J. Costa & Sara Pifano

    Aim/Purpose: As e-Learning 3.0 evolves from a theoretical construct into an actual solution for online learning, it becomes crucial to accompany this progress by scrutinising the elements that are ... More

    pp. 339-363

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  4. Examining Collaborative Knowledge Construction in Microblogging-Based Learning Environments

    Tian Luo & Lacey Clifton

    Aim/Purpose: The purpose of the study is to provide foundational research to exemplify how knowledge construction takes place in microblogging-based learning environments, to understand learner... More

    pp. 365-390

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  5. Google Docs as a Tool for Collaborative Writing in the Middle School Classroom

    Megan Woodrich & Yanan Fan

    Aim/Purpose: In this study, the authors examine how an online word processing tool can be used to encourage participation among students of different language backgrounds, including English... More

    pp. 391-410

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  6. Learning Management System with Prediction Model and Course-Content Recommendation Module

    Digna S. Evale

    Aim/Purpose: This study is an attempt to enhance the existing learning management systems today through the integration of technology, particularly with educational data mining and recommendation... More

    pp. 437-457

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  7. Exploring the Role of M-Learning in Elementary Education

    Hsiu-Ju Chen

    Aim/Purpose: This study explores the associations between elementary school learners' m-learning and learner satisfactions based on the technology-mediated learning model. Background: M-learning ... More

    pp. 459-474

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