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International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

2011 Volume 9, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Scalable Video Streaming in Wireless Mesh Networks for Education

    Yan Liu, Xinheng Wang & Liqiang Zhao

    In this paper, a video streaming system for education based on a wireless mesh network is proposed. A wireless mesh network is a self-organizing, self-managing and reliable intelligent network,... More

    pp. 1-20

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  2. EIIS: An Educational Information Intelligent Search Engine Supported by Semantic Services

    Chang-Qin Huang, Ru-Lin Duan, Yong Tang, Zhi-Ting Zhu, Yong-Jian Yan & Yu-Qing Guo

    The semantic web brings a new opportunity for efficient information organization and search. To meet the special requirements of the educational field, this paper proposes an intelligent search... More

    pp. 21-43

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  3. Adaptive Device Context Based Mobile Learning Systems

    Haitao Pu, Jinjiao Lin, Yanwei Song & Fasheng Liu

    Mobile learning is e-learning delivered through mobile computing devices, which represents the next stage of computer-aided, multi-media based learning. Therefore, mobile learning is transforming... More

    pp. 44-56

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  4. A Knowledge Engineering Approach to Develop Domain Ontology

    Hongyan Yun, Jianliang Xu, Jing Xiong & Moji Wei

    Ontologies are one of the most popular and widespread means of knowledge representation and reuse. A few research groups have proposed a series of methodologies for developing their own standard... More

    pp. 57-71

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  5. A Scheduling Algorithm for the Distributed Student Registration System in Transaction-Intensive Environment

    Wenhao Li

    Distributed workflow technology has been widely used in modern education and e-business systems. Distributed web applications have shown cross-domain and cooperative characteristics to meet the... More

    pp. 72-85

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  6. K-Nearest Neighbors Relevance Annotation Model for Distance Education

    Xiao Ke, Shaozi Li & Donglin Cao

    With the rapid development of Internet technologies, distance education has become a popular educational mode. In this paper, the authors propose an online image automatic annotation distance... More

    pp. 86-100

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  7. Research on Key Technology in Remote Education System of Spirit Diagnosing by Eye in TCM

    Feng Guo, Shaozi Li, Ying Dai, Changle Zhou & Ying Lin

    Spirit diagnosing is an important theory in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), by which a TCM doctor can diagnose a patient's body state. But this theory is complicated and difficult to master... More

    pp. 101-113

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