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International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

2014 Volume 12, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Solving the Curriculum Sequencing Problem with DNA Computing Approach

    Amina Debbah & Yamina Mohamed Ben Ali

    In the e-learning systems, a learning path is known as a sequence of learning materials linked to each others to help learners achieving their learning goals. As it is impossible to have the same... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Intelligent Learning Management Systems: Definition, Features and Measurement of Intelligence

    Ali Fardinpour, Mir Mohsen Pedram & Martha Burkle

    Virtual Learning Environments have been the center of attention in the last few decades and help educators tremendously with providing students with educational resources. Since artificial... More

    pp. 19-31

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  3. Sidekick: A Tool for Helping Students Manage Behavior in Self-Initiated Learning Scenarios

    Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Koichi Moriyama, Ken-ichi Fukui & Masayuki Numao

    Students engage in many learning activities outside of class but, it is not easy for them to learn on their own because they also need to identify what activities to perform, decide how long to... More

    pp. 32-54

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  4. The Longitudinal Study of Computer Simulation in Learning Statistics for Hospitality College Students

    Ching-Hsu Huang

    The class quasi-experiment was conducted to determine whether using computer simulation teaching strategy enhanced student understanding of statistics concepts for students enrolled in an... More

    pp. 55-65

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  5. Video-Based Eye Tracking to Detect the Attention Shift: A Computer Classroom Context-Aware System

    Yung-Lung Kuo, Jiann-Shu Lee & Min-Chai Hsieh

    Eye and head movements evoked in response to obvious visual attention shifts. However, there has been little progress on the causes of absent-mindedness so far. The paper proposes an attention... More

    pp. 66-81

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  6. A Study of Multi-Phase Guided Remedial Learning

    YuLung Wu

    In Taiwan, courses in the current online learning environment enroll at least 40-100 students, and it is difficult for teachers to manage the learning situation of each student. The proposed system... More

    pp. 82-100

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