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International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

2014 Volume 12, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. What Kind of Employee Wants to Use Corporate E-Learning: An Empirical Case Study in the Financial Industry

    Tainyi Luor, Hsi-Peng Lu, Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin & Hueiju Yu

    Despite the plethora of previous studies on the various uses of e-learning, there is a dearth of research on employees' action to use corporate e-learning (ACE). The present study attempts to ... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Implementing Advanced Characteristics of X3D Collaborative Virtual Environments for Supporting e-Learning: The Case of EVE Platform

    Christos Bouras, Vasileios Triglianos & Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos

    Three dimensional Collaborative Virtual Environments are a powerful form of collaborative telecommunication applications, enabling the users to share a common three-dimensional space and interact... More

    pp. 13-37

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  3. Analysing the Suitability of Virtual Worlds for Direct Instruction and Individual Learning Activities

    Telmo Zarraonandia, Rita Francese, Ignazio Passero, Paloma Diaz & Genoveffa Tortora

    Despite several researchers reporting evidence that 3D Virtual Worlds can be used to effectively support educational processes in recent years, the integration of this technology in real learning... More

    pp. 38-51

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  4. Effects of Implementing STEM-I Project-Based Learning Activities for Female High School Students

    Shi-Jer Lou, Huei-Yin Tsai, Kuo-Hung Tseng & Ru-Chu Shih

    This study aims to explore the application of STEM-I (STEM-Imagination) project-based learning activities and its effects on the effectiveness, processes, and characteristics of STEM integrative... More

    pp. 52-73

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  5. Factors Related to Students' Performance of Hybrid Learning in an English Language Course

    Saovapa Wichadee

    Redesigning a course along the lines of a hybrid format that blends face-to-face and online learning brings about changes in instructional practice. This paper introduces hybrid teaching that uses ... More

    pp. 74-90

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  6. Differences between Visual Style and Verbal Style Learners in Learning English

    Chiu-Jung Chen

    English proverb is an interested part when learner applied it in real life situation. The participants of this study were chosen from a big university in the middle area of Taiwan. The researchers ... More

    pp. 91-104

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