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International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

2013 Volume 11, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Adaptive E-Learning Environments: Research Dimensions and Technological Approaches

    Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano & Maria Sinatra

    One of the most closely investigated topics in e-learning research has always been the effectiveness of adaptive learning environments. The technological evolutions that have dramatically changed... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. A Strategy to Join Adaptive and Reputation-Based Social-Collaborative E-Learning, through the Zone of Proximal Development

    Maria De Marsico, Andrea Sterbini & Marco Temperini

    The educational concept of "Zone of Proximal Development", introduced by Vygotskij, stems from the identification of a strong need for adaptation of the learning activities, both... More

    pp. 12-31

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  3. ICT-Enabled Learning Settings: Course, Person or Community?

    Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari & Nicola Villa

    The paper presents a discussion on the different approaches that the authors have found in learning settings respect to ICT platforms that support the educational activities. The authors discuss... More

    pp. 32-46

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  4. How to Involve Students in an Online Course: A Redesigned Online Pedagogy of Collaborative Learning and Self-Regulated Learning

    Chia-Wen Tsai

    In an online course, students learn independently in the virtual environment without teacher's on-the-spot support. However, many students are addicted to the Internet which is filled with a... More

    pp. 47-57

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  5. A Study of Composition/Correction System with Corpus Retrieval Function

    Song Liu, Peng Liu & Yoshiyori Urano

    Practice and research in the composition education that is using computer and network have been more and more active. Through online composition system, a large amount of written texts produced by ... More

    pp. 58-78

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  6. Design and Implementation of C-iLearning: A Cloud-Based Intelligent Learning System

    Jun Xiao, Minjuan Wang, Lamei Wang & Xiaoxiao Zhu

    The gradual development of intelligent learning (iLearning) systems has prompted the changes of teaching and learning. This paper presents the architecture of an intelligent learning (iLearning)... More

    pp. 79-97

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  7. Natural Interaction Based Online Military Boxing Learning System

    Chenglei Yang, Lu Wang, Bing Sun, Xu Yin, Xiaoting Wang, Li Liu & Lin Lu

    Military boxing, a kind of Chinese martial arts, is widespread and health beneficial. In this paper, the authors introduce a military boxing learning system realized by 3D motion capture, Web3D and... More

    pp. 98-108

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  8. An Instructional and Collaborative Learning System with Content Recommendation

    Xiang-wei Zheng, Hong-wei Ma & Yan Li

    With the rapid development of Internet, e-learning has become a new teaching and learning mode. However, lots of e-learning systems deployed on Internet are just electronic learning materials with ... More

    pp. 109-121

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