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Astronomy Education Review

December 2013 Volume 12, Number 1

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  1. Increasing Student Participation in Online Group Discussions via Facebook

    Scott T. Miller

    A comparison study between two different methods of conducting online discussions in an introductory astronomy course was performed to determine if the use of Facebook as an online discussion tool ... More

    pp. 10103-1

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  2. Modeling the History of Astronomy: Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Tycho

    Todd K. Timberlake

    This paper describes a series of activities in which students investigate and use the Ptolemaic, Copernican, and Tychonic models of planetary motion. The activities guide students through using... More

    pp. 10201-1

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  3. Exploring the Hidden Structure of Astronomical Images: A "Pixelated" View of Solar System and Deep Space Features!

    R Bruce Ward, Frank Sienkiewicz, Philip Sadler, Paul Antonucci & Jaimie Miller

    We describe activities created to help student participants in Project ITEAMS (Innovative Technology-Enabled Astronomy for Middle Schools) develop a deeper understanding of picture elements (pixels... More

    pp. 10204-1

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  4. A New Online Astronomy Resource for Education and Outreach

    C D. Impey, K K. Hardegree-Ullman, A Patikkal, A Srinathan, C L. Austin, N K. Ganesan & B C. Guvenen

    A new web site called "Teach Astronomy" ( has been created to serve astronomy instructors and their students, amateur astronomers, and members of the public ... More

    pp. 10301-1

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