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Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal

September 2008 Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Developing Literate Identities with English Language Learners through Digital Storytelling

    Emily N. Skinner & Margaret C. Hagood

    Digital storytelling provides an opportunity for children and adolescents to design multimodal narratives that represent and reflect upon their lives and interests. In the article we look at how... More

    pp. 12-38

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  2. The Effects of CALL Program on Expanding Lexical Knowledge of EFL Iranian Intermediate Learners

    Zargham Ghabanchi & Mojgan Anbarestani

    Foreign language learning is a challenging task, involving mastering a new sound system, phonological and syntactical forms, vocabulary, and sometimes a new writing system. For the adult second... More

    pp. 86-95

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