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Technology, Pedagogy and Education

2011 Volume 20, Number 3

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Beliefs and ICT: What Can We Learn from Experienced Educators?

    Michael Hammond

    This article contributes to this special edition of "Technology, Pedagogy and Education" by looking at beliefs about knowing and learning held by 15 teacher educators with longstanding involvement ... More

    pp. 289-300

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  2. Technology, Pedagogy and Education: Reflections on the Accomplishment of What Teachers Know, Do and Believe in a Digital Age

    Avril Loveless

    In 2004 "Technology, Pedagogy and Education" published a review of literature which framed current understandings of pedagogy and the implications for the use of ICT in learning and teaching in... More

    pp. 301-316

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  3. Chasing Dreams and Recognising Realities: Teachers' Responses to ICT

    Jean Underwood & Gayle Dillon

    The teaching profession's response to the inexorable march of new technology into education has been a focus of research for some 30 years. Linked with the impact of ICT on measurable performance... More

    pp. 317-330

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