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Deafness and Education International

September 2008 Volume 10, Number 3

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Outcomes from Cochlear Implantation for Child and Family: Parental Perspectives

    Sue Archbold, Tracey Sach, Ciaran O'Neill, Mark Lutman & Susan Gregory

    While cochlear implantation is an increasingly routine provision for profoundly deaf children in many countries, parents still require information about the procedure and likely outcomes in order... More

    pp. 120-142

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  2. An Evaluation of Auditory Verbal Therapy Using the Rate of Early Language Development as an Outcome Measure

    Sarah Hogan, Jacqueline Stokes, Catherine White, Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz & Alexandra Woolgar

    Providing unbiased data concerning the outcomes of particular intervention methods is imperative if professionals and parents are to assimilate information which could contribute to an "informed... More

    pp. 143-167

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