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Innovations in Education and Training International

2000 Volume 37, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Internet for the Delivery of an MBA Programme

    Richard Thomas

    Examines the development and delivery of an MBA program via the Internet. Reviews benefits and limitations of using this medium in higher education. Compares the theoretical benefits and problems... More

    pp. 97-102

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  2. Faculty Use of Technological Resources in Turkey

    H Ferhan Odabasi

    This study, conducted at a Turkish university, examines faculty use of technology resources. Results from a questionnaire show that the faculty knew and used traditional technologies more often and... More

    pp. 103-107

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  3. Influences on the Educational Use of the WWW, Email and Videoconferencing

    Betty Collis, Oscar Peters & Nico Pals

    Introduces the 4-E model that predicts an individual's likelihood of using a telematics application for a learning-related task can be expressed in terms of four main sets of factors: educational... More

    pp. 108-19

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  4. The Effect of Using a Hypermedia Learning Model for a CBI Design Course

    Doris Lee

    Chronicles the effect of using a hypermedia learning (HL) model for graduate students to learn about hypermedia authoring for the creation of computer-based instruction (CBI). The model details how... More

    pp. 120-28

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  5. Bridging the Academic and Vocational Divide--A Case Study on Work-based Learning in the UK NHS

    Christopher Bond & Valerie Wilson

    Outlines development by the United Kingdom's National Health Service Training Division (NHSTD) of a set of national standards for Information Management and Technology (IM&T) professionals in... More

    pp. 134-44

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  6. Strategies for Motivating Higher Education Faculty To Use Technology

    Daniel W. Surry & Susan M. Land

    Describes a framework that higher education administrators can use to increase the utilization of technology on their campuses. Presents several categories of technological innovations that can be ... More

    pp. 145-53

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