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International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education

2012 Volume 5, Number 1

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Number of articles: 2

  1. How Do Openers Contribute to Student Learning?

    Amber Zertuche, Libby Gerard & Marcia C. Linn

    Openers, or brief activities that initiate a class, routinely take up classroom time each day yet little is known about how to design these activities so they contribute to student learning. This... More

    pp. 79-92

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  2. Cognitive Factors That Influence Children's Learning from a Multimedia Science Lesson

    Florencia K. Anggoro, Nancy L. Stein & Benjamin D. Jee

    The present study examined the cognitive factors that influence children's physical science learning from a multimedia instruction. Using a causally coherent text and visual models, we taught 4th- ... More

    pp. 93-108

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