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Internet Reference Services Quarterly

1998 Volume 3, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. So, What's a "Webmaster," Anyway?

    Jon Pardue

    Following a brief history of the Internet, the duties of Web site managers (i.e., Webmasters) are described, including coordinating content, answering e-mail, researching new technologies,... More

    pp. 7-14

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  2. Using the World Wide Web for Community Outreach: Enriching Library Service to the Community

    Louise G. Glogoff & Stuart Glogoff

    Describes the experiences of University of Arizona and Pima Community College librarians in building World Wide Web exhibits featuring traditionally underrepresented groups in the Tucson, Arizona... More

    pp. 15-26

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  3. As I Sit Studying: WWW-Based Reference Services

    Amanda Moore

    Reports on the current state of reference services on the World Wide Web and explains what a Web-based reference service is. Describes several models of handling requests, and explores the impact... More

    pp. 29-36

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  4. From Catalog to Web: Desktop Access to Sandia Technical Reports

    Nora K. Stoecker & Dixie L. Alford

    Describes the processes developed in the Sandia National Laboratories (a Department of Energy multiprogram national laboratory) Technical Library to provide and improve desktop access to Sandia... More

    pp. 37-50

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  5. Delivering an Alternative Medicine Resource to the User's Desktop via World Wide Web

    Jie Li, Gang Wu, Ellen Marks & Weiyu Fan

    Discusses the design and implementation of a World Wide Web-based alternative medicine virtual resource. This homepage integrates regional, national, and international resources and delivers... More

    pp. 53-66

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