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Journal of Statistics Education

2011 Volume 19, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Personal Response Systems for Teaching Postgraduate Statistics to Small Groups

    Andrew C. Titman & Gillian A. Lancaster

    Technology is increasingly used to aid the teaching of statistics. Personal Response Systems (PRS) involve equipping students with a handset allowing them to send responses to questions put to them... More

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  2. Planning a Comparative Experiment in Educational Settings

    Herle M. McGowan

    A well-designed experiment is the best method for establishing efficacy of any intervention, be it medical, behavioral, or educational in nature. This paper reviews the steps necessary in... More

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  3. Measuring Skewness: A Forgotten Statistic?

    David P. Doane & Lori E. Seward

    This paper discusses common approaches to presenting the topic of skewness in the classroom, and explains why students need to know how to measure it. Two skewness statistics are examined: the... More

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  4. Teaching Statistics Online: A Decade's Review of the Literature about What Works

    Jamie D. Mills & Dheeraj Raju

    A statistics course can be a very challenging subject to teach. To enhance learning, today's modern course in statistics might incorporate many different aspects of technology. Due to advances in... More

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  5. Enhancing Students' Inferential Reasoning: From Hands-On to "Movies"

    Pip Arnold, Maxine Pfannkuch, Chris J. Wild, Matt Regan & Stephanie Budgett

    Computer simulations and animations for developing statistical concepts are often not understood by beginners. Hands-on physical simulations that morph into computer simulations are teaching... More

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