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Chinese Education and Society

2011 Volume 44, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Ideal-Oriented Policymaking: An Analysis of the 985 Project Policy Process

    Chen Xuefei

    Generally, there are two types of Chinese public educational policymaking: problem oriented and ideal oriented. The 985 Project policy clearly exhibits the characteristics of the latter. Usually,... More

    pp. 8-18

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  2. A Reflection on the Effects of the 985 Project

    Cheng Ying

    China's 985 Project, which came after the 211 Project, is a key program of the Chinese government to create world-class universities and high-level research universities. The central government... More

    pp. 19-30

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  3. A Discussion on the 985 Project from a Comparative Perspective

    Wang Qi

    The development of world-class universities is high on the policy agenda of governments across the globe. China's 985 Project is among the earliest national initiatives to concentrate research... More

    pp. 41-56

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  4. Thoughts on the Role of Government in the Development of World-Class Universities in China

    Yan Guangcai

    Looking at the rise of world-class universities through history, creating an institutional environment in which universities are relatively autonomous, while also ensuring effective material... More

    pp. 57-66

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