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Chinese Education and Society

2011 Volume 44, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The War between Two Labels: Factual Record of the Post-80s and Post-90s Attacks

    Zhang Wei

    In keeping with the increasing importance of technology, the "war of words" between those born in the 1980s and those born in the 1990s has been largely fought through online videos, blogs, and... More

    pp. 70-75

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  2. Angry Youth of the New Century and the Patriotism of Young People

    Shan Xiaoqi & Guo Zhanxin

    The authors of this article analyze the expressions of extreme patriotism and promotion of nationalism on the Internet by some young people (the kind of young people frequently referred to as ... More

    pp. 95-103

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  3. Decoding the Phenomenon of Angry Youth and Internet Rumors amid Public Emergencies

    Wu Hao

    With the deepening of reform and opening up, and as a critical point in China's social transformation approaches, various unexpected public crises are increasing as well. The channels whereby... More

    pp. 128-136

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  4. An Analysis of the Angry Youth and Spoofing Phenomena in the Context of Building a Harmonious Society

    Lu Bo

    This article specifically analyzes the negative impact exerted by angry youth and spoofers on the construction of a harmonious society from four aspects: the way these intensify social... More

    pp. 137-143

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