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Montessori Life

1996 Volume 8, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Protecting Your Child on the Information Highway: What Parents Need to Know

    Lawrence J. Magid

    Discusses how parents can reduce the risks of inappropriate Internet use and ensure positive online experiences for their children. Gives guidelines for family rules and personal rules that each... More

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  2. Computerizing Your School

    Marsha Stencel

    Discusses introducing computer-based technology to Montessori administrators and teachers, and the difficulty of taking on new operating methods while keeping up with ongoing demands day to day.... More

    pp. 18-19

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  3. A Computer in the Office: An Administrator's Experience with Technology

    Bob E. Bates

    Relates one administrator's experiences integrating computer capability into routine school office work by describing a typical day, explaining which tasks were best handled on the computer and how... More

    pp. 20-21

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  4. Real Children and Technology in the Cosmic Classroom

    Gary Davidson

    Focuses on elementary and middle school children, the technology they are embracing, and Montessori methods in education. Connects Montessori philosophy and practices with the concepts of Marshall ... More

    pp. 27-31

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  5. Integrating Montessori Curriculum and Technology: A Computer Approach to Social Studies'"Fundamental Needs."

    Susan Grimes Doughty

    Computer technology supports independent learning, a fundamental goal in Montessori education. Language and research are also fundamental, and computer technology enables and enhances all three... More

    pp. 33-35

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  6. Technology in the Montessori Classroom: The Most Frequent Questions

    John Chattin-McNichols

    Provides answers to the questions Montessori teachers most often ask about the integration of computers into the curricula and classrooms. Gives hardware set-up suggestions, and software... More

    pp. 37-41

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