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Journal of Visual Literacy

1996 Volume 16, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Talk Across the Oceans: Language and Culture of the Global Internet Community

    Shinji Takahashi

    Discusses some of the technological difficulties associated with the use of English or other European languages on the Internet, and uses Japanese computing as an example. Examines the linguistic... More

    pp. 11-23

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  2. The Internet, Multiple-Choice, and Self-Identity: What Does it Mean To Be a Global Citizen?

    Rumi Ono

    Examines how users reveal a reflexive projection of the self in Internet "speech," and how Internet communication encourages users to internalize globalization in their self-identity. Also... More

    pp. 25-35

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  3. The Structures of Group Discussions in Online Chats

    Allan Jeong

    Describes the nature of online chats in terms of how graduate students structured their conversations in online group discussions, and how they participated and conversed in and across concurrent... More

    pp. 51-63

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  4. Life on the Net: Virtual Musings of a Middle-Aged Techno-Mama

    Carol Schramm

    An Internet user talks about her experiences as a result of a graduate-level class, "Telecommunications in the Classroom," at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Discussion focuses on the Internet... More

    pp. 65-81

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  5. Internet Use in the Classroom: In Search of Constructivist Practice

    Jeannette McDonald

    Results of case studies of elementary and secondary school educators on Internet use indicate that while some teachers use telecommunications simply as a new tool to implement their habitual... More

    pp. 91-108

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